Working From Home

Technology is great… especially when it works AND works in your favor.  That was the case for me yesterday.

When I’m not actually on the radio I can do a lot of what I do for work anywhere I have a computer and internet access. So, yesterday, with one sick kid already home and another being sent home 3 hours early from school because of pending blizzard conditions, I took the opportunity to leave the office and finish my day working from home.

It was great.  I was able to be there for my kids yet, still keep up with work and not have to burn time off or have the next day be extra hectic. Most importantly for me, was that I didn’t have to add more stress to a coworker’s day by needing them to pick up the slack from my absence.

I have tried to set some rules on working from home.  If possible I only do it when it will benefit me and not the company I work for.  That way I don’t let myself feel I’m being taken advantage of.

When I work from home I consider it as being at work.  I wear my work clothes and avoid any distractions that aren’t always at my job. If I tried to work in sweat pants with Dr. Phil blabbering away in the background I could very easily get distracted and end up not working from home.

What about you?  Do you work from home?  How do you keep yourself focused on work so you get something done?  What guidelines do you have to make sure it’s a job benefit and not a job expectation?

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