Toy Trains Trump Technology

I’m a technology fan.  It’s in the title of my blog and I’ve written about it many times but last night I was reminded that simple things can be more fun that technology.

While at Church last night I had the opportunity to hang out with a 2 year old boy playing in the nursery.  It had been years since I’d actually gotten down on the floor and played with someone that young.

It was fun building with blocks and setting up the wooden train tracks.  It was cool to see him watch me put the track pieces together and then turn around and do it himself.

The boy’s Mom was really thankful that I could watch him but in reality I owe her the thanks.  Normally, during that time I would have been on my phone doing something meaningless.  Instead, I was able to set the technology aside and slow down. Forget about everything else and pretend to be a kid again.  To shift my focus from the outside world and put it on building a train track. What I discovered was that for me a wooden train set trumps technology.

What’s a favorite childhood toy of yours that you wish you could spend a half hour playing with today?


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