This Season’s #1 Tech Gift

It’s getting close to Christmas and chances are you have a few people on your list that you’re just not sure about what to get them.  You might consider getting them what I consider to be 2013’s top tech gift.  It’s Chromecast from Google.


Chromecast connects to your wifi and allows you to “cast” or “stream” content from your smartphone or Chrome browser to your television.    It is a USB powered dongle that plugs into the HDMI input on your tv.  It comes with cords to plug it into the wall or a USB jack on your television to supply it with power.  Set up is a breeze.  Plug it in and a screen will pop up and walk you through the process which takes only a matter of minutes.  It might take you longer to find where you wrote down your wifi password than to set up Chromecast.


Once set up you can use a growing list of apps to send content to your television.  Currently, you can get content from Netflix, Pandora, Google Play Music, Google Movies, HBO Go, Hulu Plus and a few other sources with more to come.  It works with Android, iOS, and Windows so it more than likely supports all the devices and computers you already own.

We’ve had a Chromecast in our house for a couple of month’s and it has become a big hit.  I love it because it’s new, techie, and can play movies from the Chrome browser on our PC.  My kids like playing YouTube videos with it and my wife has used it to get caught up on TV shows by streaming them right from the show’s/network’s website.

Perhaps the biggest reason I think Chromecast is this season’s #1 tech gift is the price.  It’s only $35.  You can order it from Google or Amazon, or walk into any Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or Staples.

Do you have a Chromecast already?  What are your thoughts on it?  Do you agree that it’s this season’s #1 tech gift?

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