Social Media Second Thoughts

Ever post something on social media you wish you could take back? Perhaps it was pic on Facebook, a tweet on Twitter, or a post to Google Plus.

I was guilty of it last week.

I can tend to be a jokester.  I like to have fun and make people laugh.  I thought it would be funny to post a Throwback Thursday picture on Facebook.

Not just any picture.  We’re talking an ultrasound picture of one of our kids with the caption, “Here’s an EXTREME Throwback Thursday pic of one of our kids.  Which one do you think it is?”


It was a funny idea to me.  I told my wife what I was going to post.  She rolled her eyes and said, “Just make it clear that I’m NOT pregnant.”  I assured her I would.

She left for work.  I made the post… and thats when the second thoughts started creeping in.  I certainly didn’t want to start a rumor so I began to comment on my own post to clarify.

That’s when I got to thinking that someone might see it and assume something without reading the comments.  In a matter of moments I decided the joke wasn’t worth the potential headache so I deleted it before anyone had the chance to “like or comment” on it.

This was the perfect opportunity to talk to my oldest daughter about social media, the things you post, and how they could be taken the wrong way.

I think she got it.

What about you?  Ever post something you deleted… or wish you could take back?

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