Social Media Controlled Burn

There’s a great wildlife refuge near where I live with acres and acres of open prairie.  Every year or so they do a controlled burn of all the dead grasses making it easier for new growth.  It helps the prairie to thrive.

burned prairie

It’s really fascinating to see.  Charred, smoldering, black land stretched out in the distance.  In a day or two the smoldering will stop and the black will begin to fade giving way to spots of color.  Before you know it what once looked dead and barren will be vibrant and green.

smoldering burned prairie

I started thinking about how that controlled burn could relate to my life.  What are the tangled up, messy, and negative things in my life that are preventing new and happy experiences and thoughts to pop up.  Is there a way to “burn those off” to make way for a clean start.

All my social media accounts immediately came to mind.  While there are a great many things I love about Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and all the others there are some things that I really dislike.

There are people that seem to try and provoke a fight with posts, tweets, and rude comments.  Others only focus on the negative.  Then there’s the annoying ones who give off an overly sugary online presence but frustrate me because I’ve seen how their actions in real life don’t match.  I could mention others but you get the point.

If these people continually annoy me day after day why do I continue to put up with it?  It’s time to take action.  It’s time to light a match!

I’m not going so far as to “unfriend” or “block” anyone but I am going to run through my lists and hide anyone who fosters negativity.   My hope is that by doing this it will allow more of the good that can come from social media;  connecting with family, strengthening friendships, gaining knowledge, and being entertained.

What about you?  When’s the last time you did a “controlled burn” on your social media accounts.  If you have done one did you see any positive effects?

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