Seriously. Don’t Text & Drive

Still today I’ve been replaying in my mind the scene of a truck pulling in front of me recently. You can read about that here.

What I’ve been thinking most is that I’m glad I wasn’t checking my phone when it happened. As a general rule, I don’t check it when I’m in the car. Especially, when my kids are with me.

On occasion, by myself, I’ve been known to “sneak a peak”. I kept thinking today, “What if I was checking my phone. I could have driven right into the back of that truck.” Checking your phone like this is dangerous, it could easily have caused an accident. My friend suggested looking at an online drivers education course, maybe from one of the traffic schools alameda county has to offer, in order to refresh my driving skills just in case.

If you’re like me you probably know someone who has been in some sort of fender bender that was phone/distracted driving related. I can think of 2; both were extremely lucky. This being said, it wouldn’t hurt any of us to maybe try an online course to improve our knowledge of driving.

Yesterday was reminder to me that there’s nothing on my phone worth dying for.

Do you know someone who got in an accident because of their phone? Did they change their habits after it?

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