Podcast Review: Serial

I’ve written before about podcasts. Several times, in fact. I’ve written about how I use them to pass the time on my commute. I’ve shared how I’ve used them for laughter and to brighten my mood. Even how I plan to launch my own next year. I just need to decide what company will help me with the technical side of things, and answer any questions I have (Lower Street is an option).

Today I’m writing about podcasts again but coming at it from a different angle. I offer up a review of a podcast that I recently discovered and find fascinating. It’s called Serial.

Serial is unlike any other podcast I’ve listened to. Most of them you can skip around from episode to episode. Not Serial. You need to start from the beginning and work your way through the episodes.

This is because it breaks down a true crime story adding to it each week. It’s part murder mystery, part 48 Hours or Dateline, and part C.S.I all rolled up into an easy to listen to package.

The story involves the murder of a high school girl and her ex boyfriend who many feel was wrongly convicted of the crime. Add in a lying, pot smoking friend, and a lawyer who may have thrown the case to get more money on an appeal and you’ve got a really interesting show.

One of the things I like most about Serial is that it doesn’t utilize actors. You hear actual police interrogations, courtroom testimony, prison phone calls, juror interviews, and experts weighing in with their opinions.

It’s all stitched together with narration, commentary, and questions from the host of the show, Sarah Koenig.

Another thing I like about Serial is the uncertainty of it. I’ve changed my opinion of the man who was convicted several times. One episode might have me feeling sorry for him and the next I’m thinking he is guilty.

I also like the methodical progression of the show. In today’s fast paced, get information quick world it’s nice to slow down and take everything in. Then think about it for a bit.

This podcast is starting to create a buzz online and got funded for a second season by donations from it’s fans. Impressive! People who have never listened to a podcast before are hearing about it and giving it a listen.

One word of warning… you might get hooked on the show which could lead to binge listening. I’ve listened to all 10 episodes in the past 6 days! Now, I have to wait another week for the next episode. There is a new one every Thursday morning.

Interested? Check out the Serial Podcast website! You can listen to the show there, learn how to listen to a podcast on your smartphone, and view documents related to the case.

Are you a fan of the show? What do you like most about it?

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