Is Technology Making Us Impatient?

I’ve spent a good amount of my quiet time today pondering one particular question: Is technology making us impatient? I could use recent examples in my own life to make an argument either way.

Whenever I need to wait… technology sure seems to make me a little more patient.  Have a few minutes to kill before a meeting or an appointment? No problem.  I pull out my phone and get caught up online.

Perhaps in this instance it’s less about being impatient and more about being occupied.

Here’s the situation that really got me thinking about this question. Last night after spending a Sunday away attending a different Church I was scrolling though Facebook.

A friend had made a nice post inviting friends to join her for Church. Below that, in the comments, another friend of mine (and member of our Church) mentioned our Pastor announced in service that morning that she would be leaving soon.

That was news I wasn’t expecting!  The last I had heard was she would be with us for at least another year.

I immediately wanted to know more so I went to our Church’s Facebook page.  Nothing.  I checked my email. Nothing.  I was frustrated and impatient.  I wanted to know more but there wasn’t any other information than that one Facebook comment.

The more I thought about it the more I realized that, in fact, technology has made me impatient.  That’s not necessarily a good thing but at least I’m aware of it.

What about you? Has technology made you impatient?

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3 thoughts on “Is Technology Making Us Impatient?”

  1. Between Facebook and Twitter feeds, it seems we can find out news the second it happens. When you are wanting information and can’t find it, it’s terribly frustrating. I’ve gotten so used to that instant answer all the time. I’d never be one of those people that could give up my phone, that’s for sure. 🙂

  2. I think our society has become one that wants answers and results NOW! We aren’t content when someone doesn’t respond to an email or a message right away! I’m working hard to take a step back this summer, enjoy time at home with my family and relax without my technology!

    1. I totally agree, Katy! I’m trying to take a step back from technology too. It was especially easy and nice when we were on vacation at a waterpark. I left my phone in the room and really didn’t miss it.

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