Is Cursive Writing Dead?


Until a few weeks ago I hadn’t really given cursive writing much thought.  Don’t really have much of a need for it.  The closest I come to writing in cursive is using a tablet pen on my Nexus 7 to swipe through the keys in the Swiftkey keyboard.

I have been thinking about it more since my youngest proudly displayed a line of cursive e’s and i’s on a paper she had just pulled out of her back pack.  They had started to learn cursive and she was excited to share.

Many would say cursive writing is going the way of the dinosaur.  A quick Google search will show you numerous articles and news accounts where educators and legislators are debating it’s validity.  Given all the computers, keyboards, and tablet type devices one really could make a case for phasing it out of the schools.

There is one reason in my mind to keep teaching it.  That would be your signature.  Block printing your name on a business deal or important document just wouldn’t look as professional.  Although, admittedly in some cases it would probably be more legible.

I say keep teaching it.  Besides, what else would you teach in it’s place?  Keep teaching it but also teach strong keyboarding skills because let’s face it cursive writing may become extinct but I don’t see keyboards disappearing anytime soon.

What does my daughter who is learning it think?  “Yeah, they should keep teaching cursive because it’s fun!”  There you go.  That’s a good enough reason for me.

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