Forums: Learn, Help & Make Friends

Have a hobby?  Something that interests you?   Something you are passionate about?   Chances are there’s a forum out there for you.

Forums are online communities of like-minded individuals.  They are a place to  discuss and learn.   You don’t have to worry about your sex, race, economic status, or anything else.  The only thing that matters is your willingness to join in and your contributions to the conversion

I am a member of several forums.   Each one with their own distinct identity and rules.   Some I am more apt to hang back and just take in what others have to offer.   Others I am an active participant.   One even made me member of the month one time which eventually led to me helping to moderate it.

Through forum participation I have learned so much about one of my hobbies;  Android smart phones and tablets.  I’ve been able to use that knowledge to help others.

Probably the most important thing I have realized through forum participation is that people from every corner of the globe are all essentially the same.  When you strip away stereotypes and preconceived notions you can really get to know someone and appreciate what they have to offer.

I now consider a fun loving, airplane flying, race car driving Frenchman my friend.   I enjoy the pictures of orchids from a forum friend in Denmark.   I  share a love of coffee and exchange K-cup recommendations with a friend from the U.S. who met his wife in a forum.   I’m happy to say she’s a friend too.  I am amazed at the bravery and pictures a friend who climbs and works on cell towers for a living has shared.   I prayed for those affected by Hurricane Sandy after hearing firsthand accounts from forum friends.  I could go on and on about the people I’ve met and the things I have learned.

There’s an app available for both android and i devices that makes forums fun wherever you go.   It’s called Tapatalk.  It’s not hard to set up and I actually prefer to use it to interact with forums instead of using a PC.  You can find the Android version in Google Play and the iOS one in iTunes.

My advice would be to use Google to find a forum of a  topic that interests you.   Spend some time reading what others have posted.   If it seems like an informative and fun place to be, read up on the forum rules,  introduce yourself, and start participating.

Do you participate in online forums?

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One thought on “Forums: Learn, Help & Make Friends”

  1. From a different continent and a different generation, I cannot but wholeheartedly agree on your comment.
    I totally share your joy (plus, in my case sheer amazement) at being in contact with people from all over the planet, and sharing everyday joys, pains, and sometimes just thoughts.
    As the ever so slightly insane Frenchman referred to hereabove, I am delighted to continue and amplify our contacts via this forum.
    May the New Year bring you , all all those you love, health, peace and love.

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