Be Smart: Use Calendar Reminders

Chances are you have a smart phone. Doesn’t matter whether it’s an Android or an iPhone it’s got a calendar app and you’re probably using it to keep track of important dates and appointments.

Computer and smartphone

How about using it to remind you of other things too? Here are some of the ways I’m using my smartphone calendar to keep me organized.

  1. I have it set to go off on MY birthday the year my drivers license expires. I’ll never forget to renew it. Made that mistake once. Never again.
  2. There’s a recurring entry for every 6 weeks to remind me to descale my Keurig.
  3. I’ve got a similar one to remind me of when to change our furnace filter. And one a week prior to that reminding me to buy a 20x20x1 furnance Filter.
  4. My calendar is also set up to remind me when enough time has passed that I can give blood again.
  5. There are reminders a week before my wife’s birthday and our anniversary. Gives me time to make sure I’m ready for the events.
  6. Each night at 10pm I get notification reminding me to say goodnight to our Elf on the Shelf, Fred. He’s with us for such a short time each year I’d hate to miss a night. 🙂

Do you have any tips on using your smartphone calendar?

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