3 Great Chrome Browser Tips

The Chrome internet browser is tops in popularity.  It’s the browser of choice for roughly 50 percent of internet users worldwide! You can download it here.

Worldwide Internet browser statistics

Given it’s popularity I thought I’d share my 3 favorite Chrome browser tips.

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  2. Chrome Hamburger ButtonChrome Menu ZoomQuickly find a keyword on the page. Rather than visually scan a website looking for your keyword have the Chrome browser data toolsearch for you. Click the hamburger button again and then click find.  This brings up an entry box that you can input your key word.Chrome Menu Find
  3. Go incognito. By doing this you won’t leave a trace of your browser history, search history, or cookies. Some may think by using this feature that you’re up to no good online but there are some valid reasons to use it.  One would be online shopping on a family computer.  Ever done an Amazon search for a product only to have an ad for the item show up in Facebook later? Not cool if the person you’re shopping for uses the same computer later.
    Chrome Incognito Button

Those are my 3 favorite Chrome browser tips.  What’s your favorite Chrome tip?


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2 thoughts on “3 Great Chrome Browser Tips”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I use Google Chrome all the time, and never knew about any of these! And hey – I was just able to zoom in on my screen, and didn’t have to dig out my reading glasses! YAY!

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