What I’m Into Right Now – November 2017

As much as I’d like time to slow down it keeps tick-tocking along.  It’s hard to believe another month has passed since I last shared a few things that have captured my interest.   Here are a few of my current favorite things.

What I’m Into Right Now – November 2017

Apples – This is the best time of the year for apples and my family has really been enjoying them lately.  Our favorites are Gala and Braeburn.

Caramel Dip – Nothing goes better with apples than caramel. We all like a sweet treat of apples and caramel dip.

Hot Tea – The weather has gotten colder and I like to warm up with a cup of hot tea.  I usually have one or two cups of decaf hot tea a day… after my morning coffee, of course.

Gold Rush – I’ve become a big fan of this Discovery Channel “reality” show about gold miners in the Alaskan Klondike.  There are several seasons available on Hulu and I’ve been watching at least one episode each night before bed.

Broadway Soundtracks – I’ve been fortunate enough to review several recent Des Moines Performing Arts Musical performances.

The shows were great and I’ve been reliving them by listening to their Broadway soundtracks.  Something Rotten! and The Color Purple have been my recent favorites.

What are you into right now?

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