The Great Jolly Rancher Soda Taste Test

I was not provided free product for this review. In fact, my wife thinks I’m crazy¬†for spending $4 so we could conduct it. All opinions expressed are those of my family… and me! ūüėČ

Several weeks ago as my daughters and I were shopping at our local grocery store we came across a small display near the end of the aisle that caught all of our attentions.  It was for Jolly Rancher soda.

I had no idea such a product existed and debated out loud with my girls whether it was any good.  I snapped a picture of it and shared it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posing the questions:

Drinkable Jolly Rancher? What do you think? Does it sound great or gross?”

Jolly Rancher Soda On Store Shelves

I got a couple great votes, some people thought their kids would like it, a college friend thought there might be a reason it¬†was on sale, and Jeni from the blog “Jeni Eats” suggested that a taste test was in order.

The next time we did our grocery shopping we picked up 4 bottles. There were some different flavors like kiwi-strawberry and lime punch but we stuck with the more traditional Jolly Rancher flavors for our taste test; apple, blue raspberry, cherry, and watermelon.

Jolly Rancher Soda Bottles

The Great Jolly Rancher Soda Taste Test

I’ve conducted experiments for my blog with my oldest daughter before so I enlisted her help in coming up with a way to evaluate each beverage.

We decided to break it down into 3 areas: overall taste, how it tasted compared to the actual Jolly Rancher hard candy, and aroma.  Then we devised the score sheets our family would fill out.

Four clear juice glass were filled with each flavor we judged.

Green Apple Jolly Rancher Soda Taste Test see watch go here help with an essay enter site viagra lawsuit checks in may 2010 viagra use in babies homework help long division algebra 2 help online university essay word counts service hours essay free time management essays college admission essay title page dream essay cover letter for a receptionist–í how to get free viagra online dissertation proposal examples follow eth medal dissertation private label herbal viagra see cialis levitra o viagra cual es mejor cheap viagra for men uk viagra besoin ordonnance use paypal to buy viagra recommendation letter for research paper viagra can cause reduced eye pressure Here are some of our notes on each flavor:

  1. Apple РSmelled identical to the candy. Closest tasting to the actual Jolly Rancher candy.
  2. Watermelon – Tasted good at first but had a bad after-taste.
  3. Cherry – Smelled like cough syrup… tasted like carbonated cough syrup.
  4. Blue Raspberry – Looks like Listerine. Smelled pretty good. Tasted ok.

So, what flavor came out on top?  Apple was the overall winner in 1st place.  Blue Raspberry 2nd.  Watermelon 3rd.  Cherry 4th.

Final Thoughts:

Jolly Rancher Soda was fun to try but I can’t see our family ever buying this again… but as my wife pointed out, we’re really not the target market.

My kids don’t¬†like carbonated beverages, I don’t drink much soda, and the only things my wife ever drinks are water, milk, and Diet Coke.

I can see the younger 5-10 year-old, juice loving crowd really enjoying these. ¬†Perhaps older folks would like using them as a mixer with rum or vodka. ¬†Hmmmm… perhaps I should do another¬†personal taste test. ūüėČ

Have you had Jolly Rancher Soda before? What were your thoughts?

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