Tackling The Worst First

I’ve noticed a little something about how one of my kids eats supper. She’ll eat all her vegetables first and then moves on to the rest of the meal.

She doesn’t do this because she loves veggies.  She tolerates them… but always finishes them.  I can only assume she does this because they aren’t her favorite part of the meal and she just wants to get them over and done with.

I’ve taken this practice of getting something done and over with to work with me.  There’s a certain task I have to do every Friday.  It’s not difficult but it is tedious, time consuming, and my least favorite part of the week.

Until recently I’d save it for the last thing of the day.  By the time I’d get to it I’d be tired and frustrated and dreaded doing it.

The past few Fridays I’ve switched it up.  I’ve started tackling that job first thing in the morning.  It’s made the job not as frustrating.  I think I’m actually getting it done quicker too.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that the rest of my Friday seems to feel a little different.  I’m more relaxed knowing that my least favorite part of the day is over with.

Whether it’s veggies or a frustrating work chore… do you tackle the worst first?  Or do you put it off until the last minute?

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One thought on “Tackling The Worst First”

  1. I have been trying to do that as much as possible at work. I listened to an audio book that talked about doing that….they had a funny phrase for it but of course I can’t remember the phrase. It works with cleaning the house too….the room I hate to clean the most, the bathroom, is what I try to tackle 1st.

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