Snow = No Control

I’m a self professed control freak but it’s day’s like today that I’m reminded how little control I actually have.  Today Mother Nature was running the show.

It started earlier this week with the TV weather people talking about our first big snow “event” of the season.  The arrival time was supposed to be 3pm today… and the weather guessers were amazingly accurate.

That’s exactly when the snow started falling at my office.  By the time I left work at 6pm there were 2 – 3 inches of snow on my car.  I was so glad my wife reminded me last night to make sure there was an ice scraper and brush in my car.

The original plan for tonight was for my kids to be at dance practice and for me to to head to a concert.  The arrival of snow cancelled dance.  The continual snowfall and a headache had me skipping the concert and heading home.

It was a white-knuckle, slow drive home.  The last 20 miles were the worst.  There were probably 10-15 cars in the ditch.  Two of them I saw spinning out behind me in the rearview mirror.

Talk about a helpless feeling and a lack of control.  There was nothing I could do.  I couldn’t stop.  I couldn’t turn around and help. All I could do was pray for their safety and take some relief knowing that they were going slow,  didn’t hit anything, and just slid in the ditch.

Even though I travel the same route day in and day out… there were a few times on my drive where I couldn’t place exactly where I was. The snow was coming down so hard blocking out all light except on coming headlights (and the tail lights I was following).

It was an odd feeling for me to not know exactly where I was and wondering if I missed my exit.  I didn’t and made it home safely.

I was thankful to pull safely into our drive.  I was thankful to have new tires on my car, and I was reminded that Mother Nature has more control than I do.

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