Random Thoughts From Last Minute Christmas Shopping

I spent a couple hours after work tonight getting the last of our Christmas shopping done.  I really didn’t want to do it but getting it done tonight meant being able to stay home on Christmas Eve baking with the family.

While I was out and about several random thoughts popped into my head.  I thought I’d share a few with you:

* How can every store be out of Rolos?

* I think the thing I like most about being tall is helping short people get things off the top shelf at store.

* It’s hard for people to be cranky at you when you overdo it with a cheerful attitude.

* Smokers really smell… especially in the wintertime.

* Seriously, how can there be a Rolo shortage?

* Next year I’m going to be more organized.

* I believe in “parking karma”.  Do something nice for someone else in traffic and you will be rewarded with a spot close to the door.

* Maybe if I stop at one more store they’ll have Rolos.

* I like Christmas lights.  They’d look prettier with a fresh blanket of snow.

* Traffic is going to go at the pace it goes whether you cuss and yell or just relax.  It’s best to just relax.

* Are Rolos this hard to find in July?

* Oh Buddy!  Put that back!  She’s not gonna like that!

* I don’t like self check-out scanners.

* I wonder if caramel filled Kisses will work instead of Rolos?  It’s worth a try because I’m not stopping at another store!

What thoughts have popped into your head while you were last minute Christmas shopping?

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