Memory Monday – Christmas At Grandma’s, Part 1

Christmas is fast approaching.  Perhaps you’ve already had a celebration or two.  I know several of my Facebook friends did this past weekend.

For this Memory Monday post and next Monday’s I thought I’d share a few memories about Christmas at my grandparent’s house.

Since I had two sets of grandparents I thought I’d break them into 2 separate posts.  First up… my grandparents that lived in the country.

  • The tree was always real.
  • What I remember most about the tree is the bubble lights. I always thought they were so cool. These days you can get retro versions of these but my grandparent’s had the original kind.
  • There was also the icicle tinsel.
  • I don’t remember having a filled stocking but more than one Christmas my cousins and I got a Lifesavers “book” filled with rolls of the candy.  My favorite was butter rum.
  • Speaking of candy, there was usually the old fashioned hard candy you think of at Christmas time.
  • We always gave Grandma Hickory Farms mustard and horseradish sauce.
  • Grandpa got a big can of mixed nuts.  It would sit next to his chair until he finished them.
  • Supper was soup and sandwiches.  Oyster soup was a given and it seemed that the same jokes about oysters got retold year after year.  Some I didn’t get until I was older. 😉
  • We’d say The Lord’s Prayer before supper.  It was decided in advance we’d say “trespasses” but someone would always say “debts” out of habit.
  • One Christmas my cousins and I got remote control John Deere tractors.  We all got them all out to play in the basement and it was a mad house.  They didn’t work that well… going everywhere and out of control.   Probably because there were 6-8 of them trying to run at the same time.  One remote was competing with another and running multiple tractors.
  • Grandpa would get fruit or cheese and would cut it up with his pocket knife to share with us kids.

What do you remember most about Christmas with your grandparents?

Christmas Fireplace Mantle

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