Mall Of America Tips

I’m wrapping up Minneapolis/Mall of America theme week with some tips to help you get the most out of your visit to the MOA.

Mall of America Visitor Tips

  1. If you’re coming from out of state stop at the first Minnesota rest area you come across.  Ask for Mall of America literature.  This will keep your passengers occupied for the last part of your travel and might even include some coupons.
  2. Out of state travelers should make a weekend of it.  Area hotels offer some great specials and you really do need at least two days to take in all the MOA has to offer.
  3. Check with the front desk at your hotel.  We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Eagan, MN on our last trip and they had a voucher for a coupon book that we redeemed at the mall.
  4. Plan in advance.  Check out the MOA website to get an idea of the stores you want to shop.  Steer clear of stores that are in the usual mall you shop and instead focus on stores you don’t get to frequent regularly.
  5. Dress comfortably.  You’ll be doing a lot of walking so instead of dressing to impress, dress for comfort.  Skip the flip-flops or new shoes and go for your most comfortable pair.
  6. When you park… take a picture of your parking spot.  It may help you find your way back after a long day. Mall of America Parking Garage
  7. Tackle the Mall of America one floor at a time.  Bouncing back and forth between floors will add extra steps and time to your day.
  8. Speaking of steps, if you have a pedometer or fitness tracker be sure and wear it.  You’ll be curious to see the ground you covered at the end of the day. (There are 4.3 miles of store front footage and each floor is .57 miles around).
  9. If you’re going with non-shoppers send them to Nickelodeon Universe or Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium at the Mall of AmericaNickelodeon Universe View from 2nd LevelSea Life MOA escalators
  10. Plan in advance where you want to eat.  You don’t want to make that decision when everyone is tired and “hangry”.
  11. If you see something you like and want… buy it. You might not remember it or make your way back to where it is.
  12. If you make plans to meet someplace be specific.  Don’t just say outside of a certain store.  There are several with more than one storefront.
  13. Review the MOA rules.  We didn’t and my 14 year old daughter and her friends where detained by mall security.  Turns out that on Fridays after 4pm anyone undeage 16 needs to be accompanied by someone 21 or older.  My daughter was with a 16 and 17 year old. (This isn’t a criticism of the mall or their security.  It’s just something we weren’t aware of or we would’ve stayed with them.)
  14. Start the day with a bottle of water.  You’ll be walking a lot so you’ll want to stay hydrated.
  15. Don’t forget… there’s no sales tax in Minnesota on clothes.
  16. Go with a friend! Shopping is more fun in groups.
  17. If you like pressed pennies bring change.  There are several places you can add to your collection.

Have you been to the Mall of America? What tips would you add to the list?

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