I’m A Dad & I Tell Bad Dad Jokes

Dads have a unique sense of humor. We can twist words, make puns, and turn ordinary, everyday life situations into little comedy nuggets that often amuse us… but not always those around us.

The jokes I make in my house often induce eye rolls from my teenage daughters and the same often repeated phrase from my wife, “Girls, don’t encourage him.” It doesn’t matter though. I continue to torture/make them laugh at my dad jokes.

I’m not exactly sure how it came about… but a little over a year ago I started sharing my bad dad jokes with more than just my own family… I began to tell them as a way to end my daily radio show on 92.5 NASH Icon, KJJY.

My listeners loved them! I’d get Facebook posts telling me which ones were “hits” and which ones were “groan-worthy”. Before long, people were sharing their dad jokes with me.

If they weren’t sharing them they’d always be asking me what today’s joke was. Often, I’d show up at one of my kid’s school events and get a, “Hey, I missed your dad joke today. What was it?”

It was clear that I had struck on something everyone (but my wife and daughters) really enjoyed so I looked for a way to share each day’s joke online.  That led to the creation of my very first podcast. “Tony Conrad’s Bad Dad Joke Of The Day Podcast“.

I put the joke from my radio show into podcast form each day and do bonus jokes on Saturday and Sunday. So far the response has been great. I’ve been amazed at the podcast growth and the number of people giving me a few seconds of their day to hear a new joke.

The podcast even led to its own Facebook page. You can check it out (and like it if you want) here.

I’ll admit that it’s been fun to track my podcast download numbers and hear from folks that enjoy tuning in each afternoon to listen to a joke… but all that pales in comparison to what I heard in podcast episode 12, from my friend, Stacey, A Dad In The Burbs.

Let me backtrack just a minute. Stacey and I have never met in real life. He lives in Canada and I live in Iowa. We met through a Dad Blogger group we’re both a part of. We both share a love of cooking,  coffee, good food, and being the best dads we can be. You can check out his blog here.

Anyway, it turns out, Stacey listens to my bad dad joke of the day podcast with his kids every morning. I think that is really cool… but it’s not as cool as what his kids decided to do.

They took the idea of a bad dad joke and made their own “bad kid joke”. If you listen to Stacey’s podcast episode 12 you’ll know he never got a great recording of their joke… but that’s not the point, at least to me, anyway.

I just find it incredibly cool that some Canadian grade-school kids were inspired enough by my jokes to create their own kid joke. They even had the act down complete with their own rim shot and laugh tracks! How cool is that?

Their story… and the encouragement of others… makes me want to keep going with my own jokes. It makes me want to keep sharing jokes because I believe the world is a little better place when we can all share a laugh together.

What’s your favorite “Dad Joke”? Leave a comment and let me know. I might share it on the podcast someday.

***Disclaimer – I really believe my wife and daughters love my bad dad jokes… they just don’t want to let on that they do. 😉

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