I’ll Watch When It Matters

I’m not big on watching sports on TV.  If I’m going to see a sporting event I’d prefer to see it in person.

There is one time that no matter what the sport is that I’ll watch it on TV. That’s when it matters.  When there’s something on the line.

I’ll only see a few minutes of college basketball throughout the season but love March Madness.  Win you keep playing.  Lose you go home.  Every minute, every point matters.  It makes the whole experience more intense.

I haven’t watched a single NBA or NHL game this year but will watch the last few minutes of game 7 in either sport.

This brings me to horse racing.  A sport I know absolutely nothing about but a sport that had me glued to my television watching the Belmont Stakes.

History was on the line.  The possibility of the first Triple Crown winner since I was 4 was exciting.  My daughters also got caught up in the excitement of the race too.  We were all cheering for California Chrome.

Unfortunately, there was no Triple Crown winner but it was a fun race to watch.

How about you?  Would you rather watch a sporting event in person or on television?  What’s the one sporting event that’s on your “bucket list” to see in person.




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