Give Farmers A Break

Harvest 2016 is underway in my area.  That means farm machinery is out in full force.  I’ve seen combines, semis, tractors,  and trucks and wagons all working to get the corn out of the fields and into the co-op.

Combine and truck

Unfortunately, I’ve also already seen drivers being impatient when behind one of those slow moving vehicles.

If you’re ever caught behind a combine or a tractor and wagon slow down and give them a break.  They’re not trying to make you mad or make you late.  They’re just doing their job.  They have just as much right to the road as you do.

You honking, shaking your fist, or speeding past and cutting them off won’t do anything to speed them up and could put both in danger. Those wagons carry a lot of weight and can’t stop on a dime.  They have the potential to tip if they tried.

The times I’ve helped with the harvest I couldn’t believe the risks drivers were willing to take to save a few minutes.

Passing in no passing zones, passing with oncoming cars, cutting back in too soon after passing… these were just some of the things I personally witnessed.

Loading the Grain Truck

So, the next time you’re caught behind farm machinery out on the road slow down and relax.

Ask yourself if it’s worth risking lives to get where you’re going just a little sooner.  Wait for the right moment to pass.  Pay attention and the farmer will probably wave you around when it’s safe to pass.

When you do get your chance to go by give’em some room and give’em a wave.  After all, they’re just doing their job.

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