Garth Brooks Is Back

Garth Brooks is back!  After taking time away from the music scene to be with his family he’s back with new music and a new tour.

Let me say up front I’m a big Garth fan.  I started my career in country music right about the time he burst on the scene.  I’ve got all his albums.  Some on both cassette and CD.

Garth Brooks Ticket Stub

I’ve seen him in concert at least 5 times.  All great shows.  His concerts are what you compare all other shows to.  I always appreciated how he kept his ticket prices and his merchandise prices low.  I’ve purchased more things at Garth shows than at any other concerts.  It was hard not to with ball caps for 10 bucks and t-shirts for 15!

When I heard he’d have new music coming out I was excited!  Then I heard the song and wasn’t thrilled.  I was expecting something like “The Fever”.  Some full throttle, fiddle ridden, rodeo lovin’ free-for-all.  Something that screamed, “I’M GARTH BROOKS AND I’M BACK!”

What we got was “People Loving People”.   A medium tempo song that makes you think.  The whole point of the song is that pretty much all the world’s problems could be solved by people loving people.

“It’s people loving people

That’s the enemy of everything that’s evil

Ain’t no quick fix at the end of a needle

It’s just people lovin’ people”

It’s an idea that’s so simple yet so true.  The more I digested the lyrics and heard the song the more I liked it.  I can now say that I love it and can’t wait to hear what Garth gives us next.

If you haven’t heard “People Loving People” you can listen to it here.

What do you think?  Was it the perfect song to come back with or should he have gone with something else?  What’s your favorite Garth Brooks song?


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