An Interesting Question

I’m always up for trying to answer an interesting question.  One that I’ve never pondered before and really makes you think.  If it’s a fun one… even better.

That’s what I came across when listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Reply All, this week.  Episode #92 Favor Atender: The Return started with a unique question:

“Let’s say you are the one person in the country with the knowledge in 24 hours, aliens will invade the Earth. Your only hope of stopping them is warning the president in time. How do you get the president’s attention?”

What an interesting thought experiment!  It’s a question I’ve been kicking around in my mind for a few days.  How would I get the President’s attention?  Here are a few ideas I came up with:

*Go on the radio asking for help.  People would think I was crazy but perhaps the right person would hear it.

*Sift though my contacts and see what that would get me.  I do have a friend that works in Washington, D.C. in the Department of Agriculture.  He might have some ideas.

*Start local by contacting the Governor, Representatives, and Senators.  They might have a direct line to the President.

*Take to Twitter and tweet the President directly.  He seems to be a fan of the social network.

I’ll admit that the question is far-fetched… but it is fun to think about!

If you had 24 hours to get the President’s  attention how would you do it?


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