Adult Snow Day? Yes, Please!

I’m a hard workin’, honest kind of guy.  I’m not calling into work sick unless I’m really sick.  On the very rare occasion that I do, I end up feeling guilty all day about others having to pick up the slack in my absence.

That’s why I’d really love an “Adult Snow Day”… a random, previously unannounced day off to spend at home being lazy and doing whatever I want.   It’d be great if my wife could join me but the kids? They’d still need to go to school.

Do you remember how magical a snow day used to be?  A whole day with endless possibilities.  Snow forts, snacks, dumb TV shows, and video games.  Most importantly, no homework or thoughts of school.

When I was a kid (yes, I realize how old that made me sound) we didn’t have text or email notifications from the school telling us there would be no school the next day.  It wasn’t on the television ticker the night before either.  You had to get up early, turn on the radio, and listen impatiently.  There were a few times I’d know ahead of time but that was only because one of my best friend’s moms drove a school bus.

So what would my Adult Snow Day Look like?  I imagine it would go a little something like this:

9am:  Get up.  Make coffee.  Get back in bed.

9:10am -10:30am:  Stay in bed reading for fun.

10:30am – Noon: Dig out the old Nintendo and play Mario Brothers.

Noon – 12:30pm:  Lunch time!  Make 2 packages of ramen noodles. One just plain noodles and seasoning, the other as a soup.  I have them so rarely I can never remember which way I prefer.

12:30pm – 2pm:  Cheesy old movie time!  I’m thinking Days of Thunder is in order.

2pm – 3pm:  Raid my daughter’s Legos and build the coolest thing ever.

3pm – 3:30pm:  Race to pick up the house before the kids get home from school.   Can’t have them knowing I did nothing all day!

I think everyone deserves a day like this.  A forced day to truly relax and not feel guilty about it.  If I had my own business I think 2 Adult Snow Days a year would be part of the company benefits.

So who’s with me?  Who wants a snow day?  Or, at the very least, a late start or 2 hour early out?

What would you do with your Adult Snow Day?

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