A School Playing It Safe

Last night my oldest daughter attended a middle school dance.  It was an opportunity to hang out with her friends and have fun.  But that fun had rules… lots of them!

Yep.  There was one full page, front and back, of expectations and rules.  Everything on it was common sense stuff to me but a parent still needed to sign it before anyone could enter the dance.

Don’t get me wrong.  I understand the need for the school to have something like it.  They’re just playing it safe.  It’s the way the world has gone.

I find it frustrating how things have changed.  Students used to have a level of respect for their teachers.  Parents used to respect the teachers too.

At the risk of making myself sound old, really old… but in my middle school we didn’t need a parent to sign a rules sheet for dances.

You knew what was expected.  If someone did mess up they’d get reprimanded twice.  Once by the school and then again at home.

This shift, in my opinion, has been caused by parents who would rather be their kid’s buddy than their parent.  They would take the school or a teacher to task before ever questioning their child.

That’s why I needed to sign a permission slip for a middle school dance.  It’s also why teachers and school administrators have my utmost admiration and respect.  I don’t know if I could do their job.

Am I alone in this or have you noticed this too?

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One thought on “A School Playing It Safe”

  1. I also agree that many (not all) parents have quit being a parent. Why? It’s hard work and I think for some it’s just easier to be a BFF to their child.

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