Christmas Traditions – My Daughter’s View


My oldest daughter enjoys reading my blog and has noticed how much fun I am having with it so she asked if she could share a post. What a great idea!  So the following is her thoughts on Christmas traditions.  Enjoy!

Do you have any Christmas traditions?  Does your family do anything special?  I have heard a lot of fun Christmas traditions that my friends do.  Many go to the movie theater, eat out, or a maybe it is putting up a tree together. Whatever it is, it makes a holiday special in my opinion.

Our family has a lot of fun ones. We put up a real tree a couple of weeks before Christmas and decorate it all together while listening to Christmas music.

Another one we have is shopping and making shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. I love putting boxes together for children that are less fortunate than me.

I also look forward to fun pajamas that are Christmas themed.  Our family on Christmas day eats breakfast pizza for brunch, and has a Christmas picnic for supper.

I look forward to these things. When we do these things repeatedly year after year you never really think about what Christmas would be without them. You know what I mean?

To my Dad Christmas Eve wouldn’t be Christmas Eve without watching the movie A Christmas Story. So this holiday have fun with your traditions and remember Jesus is the reason for the season.

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A New Favorite Christmas Song

I love Christmas music.  We have a pretty vast collection of it in my house.  Country, contemporary, Christian, rock… we have Christmas music in just about every flavor you could think of.  As good as it all is my favorites are almost always the classics.

The Christmas Song from Nat King Cole?  Love it.  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer by Burl Ives?  Makes me feel like a kid again.  Silent Night by Frank Sinatra?  Does it get any better?

Every once in awhile a new Christmas song will sneak it’s way onto my list of favorites. This is the case of of Francesca Battistelli’s Christmas Is.

It’s a fun pop song that mentions lots of the superficial (and very relatable) things about Christmas but at the end there’s a twist.  SPOILER ALERT.  Stop reading now and watch the video if you want to hear the twist unfold.

Did you catch it?  After mentioning many of the things the world thinks Christmas is it ends with the real meaning of Christmas.  Christmas is Jesus!

Perhaps one of my favorite things about this song is how fun and infectious it is.  It would be easy for a non-believer to get caught up in it and then end up hearing what Christmas really is.  Maybe it makes them want to know more about Jesus.  If that were to happen I think it’d be pretty cool.

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Lessons Learned Helping A Charity

The past two days I was  part of a radio-a-thon to raise money for a charity that helps sick children and their families.  It was a rewarding experience that taught me a lot.

First, no matter how bad you think you have it someone has it worse.  The stories I heard about heartache, pain, and difficult decisions were the unfortunate proof.  I wouldn’t want to trade my troubles (real or imagined) for anyone else’s.  They’re mine so I must be the best equipped to deal with them.

The second thing that I realized is that people really can be generous if it’s a cause they can understand and believe in.

We were raising money for 2 things.  To have teddy bears to give to to every sick child entering the hospital.  That’s easy to understand.  A sick kid is going to a scary place for treatments and tests that aren’t fun.  Giving them a teddy bear is a great and caring idea.  It’s something soft and warm they can hold on to.  We heard stories from medical professionals that said in some cases giving a hysterical child a teddy bear works better at calming them down than medicine.  Makes sense to me.

The other thing the money is used for is to fill a compassion fund.  This fund isn’t overseen by a super huge committee.  There aren’t layers of bureaucracy.  It’s accessible to doctors, nurses, and social workers who can use the funds to show compassion to the families of those in the hospital that are in need.  Maybe it’s for a tank of gas because funds are tight, a meal for the parents, or lodging when a child has to go to a hospital that’s farther away.

The stat we heard was having a child in the hospital increases your household expenses by 30 percent.  That much additional expense coupled with the potential loss of one of the parent’s jobs because they’re staying with the child in the hospital and you can see how it could throw the family budget into a tailspin.  It’s because of this that this compassion fund exists.

Helping out by contributing to a fund like this is easy to understand. It’s local.  It’s what we would do for a neighbor.  That’s why I think this fund has been successful and continues to grow.  We need more things like this.  Where we don’t depend on the government but instead on each other. No red tape.  No regulations.  No political affiliations.  Just people helping people.

I’m proud to say we beat last year’s total and raised over $105,000.  At times it was mentally draining but definitely rewarding.  It made me realize how small my problems are and that my daughters needed big hugs when I got home.

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