Freezer Mashed Potatoes

When life gets crazy and there really isn’t time to cook it’s good to have some things in the freezer you can heat and eat.  I’ve received some good feed back on the Freezer Breakfast Burritos I shared awhile back so I thought I’d offer this idea.

médicament buspar 10mg This is more of a tip than a recipe.   It’s a way to save individual servings of mashed potatoes for easy reheating.

Some weekend when potatoes are crazy cheap and you have a little extra time use your favorite mashed potato recipe and whip up a huge batch.  I’m talking 5, 10, even 15 pounds worth.

To save individual servings of mashed potatoes use an ice cream scoop/food server to dish up potatoes on wax paper lined cookie sheets.  You can see the scoop I use here.

individual servings of mashed potatoes on cookie sheet

Let cool and then place in the deep freeze until completely frozen. Then you can transfer to freezer bags.

Now whenever you want mashed potatoes pull out the number of servings you want, thaw, heat and eat. Fifteen pounds of potatoes made the 48 servings in the picture above.

I’m always looking for good freezer ideas.  If you have one let me know.

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Tough Parenting Decision

Sometimes parental decisions are easy.  The no-brainers.   The ones were the answer keeps them safe.  The ones you are confident making based on your experience and faith.

Then there are the difficult decisions.  They make you think and for awhile at a loss to answer.

That’s where my wife and I find ourselves.  We have a difficult decision to make regarding our youngest daughter’s basketball team.

The coaches, the girls, and the other parents have been outstanding this year.  They’ve learned a lot and have made great improvements. The league they are in, however, hasn’t been the best experience.

Without hashing out the details… here is the decision we’ve been asked to make:

Do we withdraw from the end of the season tournament?  This would teach our girls to stand up for what you believe is right.

Or do we play the tournament teaching our girls the importance of sticking it out and finishing?

Either way you teach a valuable lesson.  That’s what makes this such a difficult decision.

After thinking it over here’s where my head is at… you teach your daughter that integrity and standing up for what you believe  is important and in this case more important than finishing.  You explain why.  You let her ask questions.  You share how difficult a decision it was.

In short, you turn it into a teachable moment.

What are your thoughts?  Would you have reached the same conclusion?  What are some difficult parenting decisions you’ve had to make?


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The Radio In My Head

Most of my blog posts I write in the morning.  I’ve made a habit of getting up at 5:15 and spending some time in quiet plugging my thoughts into the computer.  Usually when I go to bed I have no idea what I plan on writing about the next morning.   That was the case last night.  But like usual I woke up inspired!

I think it’s because the radio in my head woke me up to an awesome song: David Crowder Band’s “Here Is Our King” (The video is posted below).  The radio in my head is great but I needed to actually hear the song… outloud.  So here I sit.  At the computer.  My favorite mug filled with one of my favorite coffees.  Speakers cranked.  Writing!


The coffee, this song, and the sunshine peeking through the curtains has me ready to tackle the day!  Have a great weekend.

What was the radio in your head playing this morning?

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