The Animated Me?

Having more family movie nights is on my list of goals for 2014.  Last night we watched The Croods.  It’s a funny movie with some great lessons.

Watching it made me laugh, think… and a little uncomfortable.  The Dad, Grug, seemed like an animated, Neanderthal version of myself.

He’s a caring father who would do anything to provide for his family and keep them safe.  Monotony, following the rules, and avoiding risks were his routine and keys to survival.

The daughter in the movie, Eep, reminded me of my youngest daughter.  Inquisitive, adventurous, up for anything.

Without ruining the movie I can tell you that in the end both Grug and Eep have a better understanding of each other.  Grug also learns to let loose a little and take some risks.

Who would have thought that a kid’s movie would get me to thinking so much. I need to be more like Grug at the end of the movie and not be so afraid to risk and dream.

I highly recommend The Croods. Have you watched it?  What did you think it?

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Forgive Yourself

Earlier this week Chris Hogan shared a tweet that stuck with me:

“GOD forgave you. If you refuse to forgive yourself then you are choosing to resist his grace. #truth”

That’s a pretty powerful statement!  One worth remembering.

We all mess up.  We all sin.  It’s a given.  What we need to do is learn from it.  Learn to ask for forgiveness from God, from others… and from ourself.  I do realize from my own experiences that this can be easier said than done.

It’s funny how things work out.  As I was trying to decide if I wanted to write about this topic something happened that made the decision clear.  My Mom would call it a “God Wink.”  The first tweet I saw this morning was from Pope Francis:

“Sometimes we are saddened by the weight of our sins. May we not be discouraged. Christ has come to lift this burden and give us peace.”

I hope you can take comfort in these words.  I know I do.

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Work Can Wait

Yesterday I was reminded of something pretty important… there are times that work can wait.

I had lunch plans with a former coworker (and now good friend).   We had been trying to do lunch for weeks but work and life always got in the way.

Work was crazy busy, so as I texted to see if we were still on to meet, in the back of my mind I was hoping it wouldn’t work out.   No dice.  He was free and “looking forward to catching up.”

I left the work behind and spent a great hour in conversation with a friend.   It was nice to get away and talk about things other than work.

Here’s the funny thing.   I actually think I ended up getting more done by taking that lunch break.   I returned more focused and my spirits were definitely lifted.

That’s how I was reminded that there are times that work can (and should) wait.  I was also reminded just how important having good friends is.

Is there a friend you need to have lunch with and catch up?

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