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Since April 1st, also known as April Fools Day, was yesterday I decided to find a verse for this week with the word “fool” in it.  I knew there were a couple but a quick internet search revealed close to 100!

As I read through the list one caught my eye.  It’s Proverbs 28:26(MSG) which reads:

If you think you know it all, you’re a fool for sure;
    real survivors learn wisdom from others.

I really like the book of Proverbs.  The verses practical, easy to read, and easy to understand… especially if you read from The Message.

This verse is a good reminder for the “control freak” that I can often be.  It’s a reminder that I’m not always right and if I can set aside “what it is that I think I know” and listen to others I could end up learning much more in the end.

It’s not always easy for me but definitely something to work on.

Do you have a favorite Bible verse that mentions “fools or foolishness”?  Leave a comment.  I’d love to read it.

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Today marks a mini-milestone for my blog.  This is my 100th post!  Whether you’ve been reading along for the entire journey or this is your first visit, I’d like to thank you.

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for liking and sharing.  Thanks for commenting.  Thank you.

Four months ago I wasn’t sure I could pull off doing a blog.  I doubted whether I had the computer skills to get the job done.  I wondered if I’d have enough to write about or if anyone would even care to read what I had to say.  It was scary taking the leap at first but I’m so glad I did.

I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage you to think about a goal you’d like to accomplish.  What’s that one thing that might seem a little too difficult or just out of reach?  It’s time to quiet that negative voice in your head, and, to steal a line from Nike, just do it!

Is it a new job?  Getting serious about getting healthy?  A home improvement project?  Going back to school? Starting a new business?  Becoming debt-free?  Whatever it is… the only way you’ll even have a chance of making it happen is if you start.  Quit dreaming about it and get to doing it!

So, what is it?  What’s that one goal or dream you’d like to tackle?