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Today I was listening to Google Play Music and a song come on that I probably hadn’t heard in over 20 years.  As soon as it started I instantly knew the song and who sang it.  Then I wondered if I would remember the lyrics.

This wasn’t an easy song to remember the lyrics to.  It was Billy Joel’s 1989 chart topper “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”  Remember that one?   If not, you can watch the video below.  It’s the song were he throws out over 100 newsworthy names, places, and events as he walks you through the decades.

I wasn’t sure I would remember all the words.  I was struggling just to come up with the first line but as the intro finished and Billy started singing… there I was singing along.  The lyrics all came back and out of my mouth with ease.  Just like riding a bike.  It wasn’t just the first line.  I sang the whole song!

I find it interesting that I can remember the lyrics to a 25 year old song but can leave a store without the one thing I went there for. Makes you wonder just how smart you could be if your brain wasn’t so stuffed full of song lyrics.

What’s one song  growing up you really wanted to know all the lyrics to?  The song you listened to over and over until you got them right. Come on… there has to be at least one.  What is it?

buy modafinil uk amazon

On the way home from work most nights I buy modafinil bitcoin. Tonight’s selection was from New York Times Best Selling Author Andy Andrews and his podcast buy modafinil brisbane.  Recently during his podcasts Andy has been answering questions his fans have emailed in.

The particular question for this episode was, “What’s the hardest thing in your life and what do you worry about most?”  I’ll admit that after I heard the question I didn’t “hear” much of the rest of the podcast.  I was too busy trying to figure out how I would answer.

I skipped the “what’s the hardest thing in your life” and focused on “what do you worry about most”.  I probably did that because I can tend to be a worrier.  So for the better part of thirty minutes I thought long and hard about my worries and fears.

While that might sound depressing it was actually quite freeing.  I realized that when I faced my worries and fears on my terms they didn’t seem so big.  It’s when they sneak up on you that they can seem insurmountable.

I don’t think focusing on your worries all the time is healthy but setting some time aside every once in awhile to think about them could be a good thing.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Now I need to go back and hear how Andy Andrews answered the question.

What’s the hardest thing in your life and what do you worry about most?