Weekly Verse – Matthew 6:15

I’ll admit it… this week’s verse hits close to home and is a little difficult to write about.  The topic has been on my mind for awhile so the best thing to do is just get it out there.

The subject is forgiveness.  Perhaps you’re like me and have some bitterness or anger towards people or situations in your life.  I know it’s best to forgive, let it go,  and move on.

Easier said than done… but the Bible is very clear in Matthew 6:15. We must forgive if we want to be forgiven.

“But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.”

That’s pretty strong language and a smack in the face.  I know I’ve sinned.  I know I’ve made mistakes.  I know there are probably people out there that are struggling to forgive me just as I’m struggling to forgive others.

The thing that is making it a little easier for me is making a distinction between forgiving and forgetting.  Granting forgiveness doesn’t have to erase my memory of the situations.  I can use that knowledge to make sure I don’t put myself in the position to be bitter or angry in the same way again.

Granting forgiveness isn’t easy but I’m working on it.

What’s easier for you… asking for forgiveness or granting it?

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Late For A Reason

This morning I was running late.  Not terribly late.  Just about ten minutes.

To add insult to injury my Keurig decided it didn’t want to brew so grabbing my normal cup of coffee on the way out the door was slowed.

Knowing that I needed coffee (and that I’d wonder all day if my Keurig was really broken) I spent a few minutes trying to get it to work. It finally brewed and I was out the door with a large travel mug of Dunkin’ Dark.

The first part of the commute I spent kicking myself for not being on time.  I  wondered if my day was going to get worse. Those thoughts were immediately erased as came upon a 3 vehicle accident. One of which was a large truck that was overturned.

The accident was fairly recent. It looked like everyone was OK but I realized their day had started a lot worse than mine.

News reports confirmed no major injuries AND that it happened at the time when I should have been there… if I wasn’t running late. There was a reason I was late today and it wasn’t because of my coffee maker.

The Lord is my light and my salvation—
    so why should I be afraid?
The Lord is my fortress, protecting me from danger,
    so why should I tremble? – Psalm 27:1

Ever have what seemed like a negative at the time turn into a blessing?

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The Best Stories

Today our family spent the day at my in-laws.  It was a great day! Great food, great weather, and great fellowship.  In the afternoon we all piled into our van and headed to a few cemeteries to leave flowers on the graves of loved ones.

It’s something my wife and mother-in-law remember doing when they were younger.  I hope my daughters will always remember this afternoon too.  For a couple of hours they we’re unplugged from technology listening as their Grandparents shared stories.

Stories of Great Grandparents and family members my kids never knew.  Stories about what things were like when my in-laws were younger.

We saw the headstones of distant relatives and learned a little bit about each one.  We drove by different houses and places of interest. Each one with their own story.

This afternoon I realized that the best stories aren’t found in books. The best stories come from loved ones sharing about the people, places, and times that were special to them.

You can learn a lot if you take the time to listen to those a generation or two ahead of you.  I wish I could go back in time and hear a few more stories from my Grandparents.

What’s your favorite story you remember hearing from a Grandparent?

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