Remembering Lucile

It’s St. Patrick’s Day.  While the rest of the world thinks about green beer, corned beef, and leprechauns I’m spending a little bit of my day remembering Lucile.

Lucile wasn’t a blood relative but she was family.  She was like a great grandmother to my kids.  She loved the color green and all things Irish more than anyone I’ve ever known.  Her quick wit and smile were infectious.

Last St. Patrick’s Day was the first since her passing.  My wife brought home a shamrock plant for a table centerpiece so we could remember Lucile.  In it we found one with 4 leaves.  We all couldn’t help but think that Lucile had a hand in it.

4 leaf clover

Lucile loved music and was an excellent piano player.  The thing I’ll always remember about her funeral was the music that was played as they wheeled her casket away.  The local band director played an incredible version of “When the Saints Go Marching In” on the trumpet.  It was perfect and would have made her smile.

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Protect Your Phone

If you have a smartphone you need to be smart and keep it protected. That’s why you should always use a lock on it in order to prevent unauthorized access.

For the first several years as a smartphone owner I never used a lock. Mostly this was out of laziness.  I didn’t want to bother entering a code every time I wanted into my phone.  Once I started using one I realized that it really isn’t much of an annoyance and as they say I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Think about how much information your phone holds and the damage that could be done if it got into the wrong hands.  There’s all your contacts and pictures.  There could also be information about where you live and work.   Perhaps you have financial information or do mobile banking.  Then there’s also direct access to all your social media accounts.

I prefer a 4 digit pin lock.  It’s easy to quickly punch in the numbers and get right into your phone.    I’ve taken phone security up a notch by also having it take a picture with the front facing camera after a third failed pin attempt.  That picture is then uploaded to my Dropbox account.  If anyone steals my phone or tries to get in without my permission I’ll have a clear picture of who they are.

Android Pin Lock

There is a cool Android app I use to make it so I don’t have to use a password when I’m at home where my phone is safe.  It’s called SkipLock.  It makes it so the lock is disabled when connected to my home wifi.

If you aren’t using a lock of some kind on your phone I urge you to try one out for a few days.  I think you’ll soon realize that it isn’t that much of a hassle.

Do you use some sort of lock on your phone?  Why… or why not?

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A Random Act Of Kindness

This week I was the recipient of a random act of kindness.  I wasn’t feeling well so I stayed home from work.  That right there should tell you how sick I was.  In my nearly 21 year adult work history I’ve probably taken less than 10 sick days.

I got an appointment with a doctor I’d never seen before.  I didn’t care.  I just wanted to feel better.  She was a very nice doctor.  She took her time and didn’t make me feel rushed like she just wanted to get to the next patient.

Throughout the exam she made small talk about family and kids. Somehow it came up that we were thinking about taking a quick day trip to the Mall of America.  She said her family had recently been there and had a blast.  The exam was over and she said a nurse would be back to give me a work release and a prescription.

A minute later the doctor came back and handed me a ticket for the rides at the Mall of America.  She said there was about $15 credit on it and her family wouldn’t be going back before it expired so she wanted my girls to use it.

How cool is that?  What a nice gesture!  Even though I was running a fever that random act of kindness made me feel a little bit better.

This experience has got me thinking about what I have that I’ll never use that I could give to someone else.

Have you ever been the recipient of a random act of kindness?  Ever taken part in one yourself?  Leave a comment.  I’d love to hear about it.

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