Disc Golf: A New Family Favorite

We had no real plans for today so when my oldest daughter suggested we try disc golf for the first time I was all for it! She told me that her friend used a whole line of MVP discs and had a great time! We could spend some time outside and get a little exercise.

We searched the house and came up empty-handed for the Frisbees we thought we had so a quick run to Wal-Mart was in order.

There were lots of different discs to choose from. Some for short distances, others for longer distances, even ones used for “putting”. Prices for each ranged from $9 – $15.

Not wanting to spend a ton of money on something we’d never done before we went with 3 of the $9 “medium distance, easy to throw, good for the beginner” discs.

We decided to be patriotic and went with red, white, and blue ones.

Red White and Blue Disc Golf Dics

The weather for playing was perfect. Not too hot, light breeze, and plenty of shade on the course.

Disc Golf Course

We started out keeping score but that seemed like too much work so we just had fun playing. On our second round of 9 holes we realized that each hole had a certain number of throws for par. Once we realize that we all tried to get par.

For the way we played the discs we got were perfect.

We played 27 holes in all which added about 3,000 steps to the daily count on my Fitbit.

As with other recent low/no cost family activities I’m surprised it’s taken us so long to find this one… but now that we have we plan on playing a lot more.

My oldest daughter even went online and found a whole bunch of disc golf courses within a short drive of our house. We’re going to try out one of them tomorrow.

Have you ever tried disc golf? Got any tips for beginners?

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Weekly Verse – Neighbors Helping Each Other

In the past week storms have rolled through Iowa leaving plenty of damage in their path.

Crops have been pummeled by hail and wind.  Rain has caused many rivers to overflow leading to flooding.  High winds and tornadoes snapped trees and damaged property.

Some of the pictures and videos shared by friends from my hometown were pretty incredible.  The storms left plenty to clean up.

True to small town form after the storms passed neighbors came out of their homes, surveyed the damage, and started helping each.

While I wasn’t there to help, I did feel a little hometown pride with each storm cleanup story I read.  There were numerous “shout outs” on Facebook thanking people for pitching in.

All their hard work paid off, too.  One friend wrote on Facebook that “the difference between one day and the next was black and white!”

The people who came together to clean up the storm damage are great examples of this week’s verse, Matthew 7:12 NIV.

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”

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Slow Down And Relax

I noticed something interesting on my drive home.  There was one particular car that kept darting in and out of traffic.  He tailgated anyone and everyone who wouldn’t get out of his way.

I never heard his horn but I wouldn’t be surprised if he used it!  He cut me off and I noticed him pounding his fist onto his steering wheel several times ahead of me.

“Wow!  What’s his deal?” I thought.  “What could be that important that he would be so stressed out and drive so recklessly?”

Funny thing was… I caught up to him at a stop light several minutes and miles down the road.  All his stress, fuming, and bad driving didn’t get him any farther ahead.

It was at that point I realized the similarity to my day.  I was completely stressed out.  It seemed as there was no way I’d get everything done.

There were points during the afternoon where I’m sure I felt and was acting like that bad driver.  I was a cranky ball of nervous energy.

Looking back now I see that all wound up or relaxed I would have still ended up at the same point at the end of the day.

Tomorrow when I start to feel the stress coming on I’ll take a few deep breaths and relax!

What are some of the ways you deal with stress?

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