Electrical Tape & Twine

Over the weekend I had some time to climb up on our roof and get a few little things done.  I had neglected our gutters so it was good to get them cleaned out. The other thing I was able to do was to fix our antenna.

When it comes to television… we cut the cord before cord cutting became cool. It’s been over a decade since we’ve had cable or satellite. Our watching comes from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and over the air channels.  That’s the reason we have a rooftop antenna.

I’m not sure when it happened, maybe a few months ago, but the cable that connects to the antenna broke off and was laying on our roof. Most of our channels still came in so I didn’t bother fixing it right away.

With plenty of time and a nice day on my hands, I grabbed some tools, my ladder, and took to the roof.  The problem was obvious once I got up there. The wind had worked the cable loose and with it rocking in the breeze the wires eventually broke.

I had a replacement part on hand and installed it quickly. Then it was time to seal it up and attach the cable to the antenna to prevent the same thing from happening again.  The tool for the job was electrical tape.

I pulled the roll of tape from my pocket. Standing on our roof seeing that black tape in my hand reminded me of my Grandpa. He seemed to always have a roll nearby… whether it was in his pocket, the seat of his truck, or on the kitchen desk by the phone.

Black electrical tape was one of his go-to’s to fix things. It reminded me of his other quick-fix item…  baling twine. Twine and twine scraps were all over his farm too!

I didn’t need twine to fix our antenna but I used plenty of electrical tape.  I thought about my grandpa while I worked and knew he’d approve of the job I did.

Previously, I have written about memories of my Grandpa’s pocket knife… guess you can add electrical tape and twine to the other top things that will easily bring his memory back.

What 3 things would you say bring back memories of your Grandpa?

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What I’m Into Right Now – July 2018

Wow! It’s hard to believe another month has gone by since I’ve checked in with a “favorites for the moment” list… but here we are. See what’s keeping my interest these days and then feel free to leave a comment with some of your own.

Bing Cherries – There’s usually only a few week window where this Summertime fruit is at it’s best and at a lower price. We’re in that window now so we’ve been enjoying these while we can.

Pokemon Go – Yes, this mobile game is still a thing and yes, I still play it. Gives me something fun to do during downtimes. While I never stopped playing over the past two years, others have but are now returning because of some recent in-game improvements. Some of these would include friends lists, field research, and community days.

Live Free Or Die – Another in a long list of survival shows that I enjoy. This one follows the lives of several different people who choose to live a less materialist lifestyle in different environments.

New Cody Jinks Music – Cody Jinks has shown up in my monthly lists before and now makes a return appearance. He has a new album, Lifers, coming out July 26, 2018, and there are three songs from it available to listen to now. I’ve been listening to them on repeat whenever I get the chance.

What are you into right now?

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Driver’s License Lapse

Ever make a mistake that you swore you’d never make again? That was me about ten years ago when I let my driver’s license lapse. It wasn’t on purpose. I just didn’t pay any attention to the expiration date on that little piece of plastic in my wallet.

By the time I figured it out I was just outside the window where all you have to do is by your fee and get your picture taken. No, I had to re-take the written driver exam.

Not going to lie. Even though I had decades of driving experience, the idea of taking the test raised my anxiety level a little bit. I mean, how bad would it be if I didn’t pass? It would not only be embarrassing but also time-consuming having to go back again.

I studied the online manual in preparation and my wife and daughters drove me to the DOT testing station the next Saturday morning to take the test. They waited in the car and while I went inside.

Taking the test was a different experience this time compared to the first time I took the test at age 14. Back then, it was done on paper. This time it was computerized. A DOT worker pointed me to a computer, letting me how many questions I’d be given and how many I could miss and still pass.

The first few questions went well with the computer telling me I got them correct. Then I got to one that I didn’t read all the way through and answered it incorrectly. As soon as it popped up that it was wrong I realized my mistake.

I remember saying to myself, “Deep breath. Slow down. You can do this.” That’s when I started reading each question two and three times before answering… just to ensure I didn’t make another dumb mistake.

There were a few questions that seemed a little tricky at first. They asked about traffic situations that when behind the wheel you would do the right thing… but on the computer screen, the answer wasn’t as apparent. I skipped those questions, choosing to come back to them at the end.

I’m sure I let out an audible sigh of relief when I realized I could answer every question I skipped incorrectly and still pass the test. Knowing this I breezed through them getting the majority right.

As I walked out of that building with a brand new driver’s license in hand I vowed to never let it expire again. I even went so far as to set a Google calendar reminder on my birthday  every year to check my license expiration date.

On my last birthday when I checked it was expired… so I renewed it online. That means I’m good for another 8 years!

Have you ever accidentally let your driver’s license expire?

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