Podcast Review: StartUp

My love of podcasts has been well documented on this blog.  I’ve done a podcast review before… and recently I’ve come across another one I feel worthy of sharing with you.

It’s the StartUp Podcast.  It’s done in a documentary style and chronicles Alex Blumburg’s  creating of a podcasting company.

From finding investors, naming the company, to the mistakes made along the way… Blumburg shares a behind the scenes view into his business journey.

It’s an unvarnished view too!  There are cringeworthy and embarrassing moments for Blumburg.  Like the first pitch he made to a potential investor.  I was listening to the episode wanting him to succeed and feeling bad for him when he blows it.

It’s that brutal and honest approach to the storytelling that drew me in and had me listen to every episode available in less than 3 days. Now StartUp will become part of my weekly podcast listening during my commute.

I’ve always admired those with the guts to start and run their own business… to be their own boss.  It’s something I’ve thought about doing before but never had the courage to take action on.

Listening to the StartUp podcast has got my mental wheels turning in high gear and dreaming about potential business ideas.

I highly recommend the StartUp podcast. It’s entertaining and informative.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

If you could start any business you wanted what would you do?

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There Are No Guarantees

I’ve written before about my love of forums before… and how a forum friend of mine (that I’ve never met in real life) came to my rescue with the gift of a used cell phone.

Today, I’ll share an important life lesson that another forum friend (also that I have never met in real life) taught me.  It’s a little difficult to write.

It’s something I’ve wanted to write for a few days now but just couldn’t seem to find the words.

One of the forums I frequent has become like a second home to me. There’s a group of 10 – 20 of us who have been regulars for years.

We all share a common interest, Android phones, but that interest has extended beyond the phones.  We’ve become interested in each other.  We’ve become friends!

With that back story, I’m sure you can appreciate the punch to the gut I received when I logged on earlier this week to learn of the death of one of my forum friends.

One day we’re discussing phones, troubleshooting problems, and cracking jokes.  The next day he doesn’t make it back into his house after shoveling snow.  Massive heart attack. I was numb when I read the news.

I’ve lost friends and loved ones before… but they were always expected.  The kind you could see coming and share a final goodbye. This was a total blindside.

It’s weighed heavily on me this week and consumed many of my thoughts.  I had one of my craziest weeks at work in recent memory. Whenever I started to throw myself a pity party I remembered my friend.

That sobered me up real quick! It made me realize that even though my day wasn’t exactly the one I wanted I could still go home at the end of the day and have supper with my family.

This week, and my friend’s sudden death, has made me realize how fragile life is… and that we never know when our time is up.  It’s made me hug my kids a little harder and longer.  It’s made me appreciate what an amazing woman and mother my wife is.

It has also had me wondering if there are relationships and situations that I need to make right.  Do I need to ask for grace?  Do I need to grant it?  These questions have been consuming my thoughts lately.

I normally end each blog post by asking a question.  Today, I ask a favor.  Please think about your life.  Ask yourself the same questions I’ve been struggling with.  Do you need to ask for grace? Do you need to grant it?  After you’ve thought about it… do something about it.


I know the value of life and how it's not promised so I appreciate every day I have with the people I love. - Unknown Click To Tweet
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In A Mealtime Rut

When our family plans ahead and formulates a game plan for the evening meals for the week we have a pretty varied menu and try new recipes.  Get behind and fail to do it, like this week, and we tend to fall back into about 4 or 5 “go-to” meals.

The thing is when you “go to” them too much… you start to get sick of them.  That’s where our family is at with spaghetti, frozen pizza, and black bean quesadillas.

The evening meal we often struggle with most is Friday night.  It’s the start to the weekend.  We’ve put in a long, hard week at work, and our girls are dancing until just past suppertime… all of these things kill the desire to cook.

That’s where we first got into a rut with frozen pizza.  After we couldn’t take that on Friday nights we switched to chicken strips. Now we’re at the point where we’re sick of that too!

On my drive home tonight my wife and I were kicking around ideas for supper.  We didn’t want to spend a ton of money but wanted something easy.  That’s when we settled on a meal our family likes to do every so often; a baked potato bar.  Basically it’s just baked potatoes with a bunch of toppings.

Baked Potato Bar Toppings

We already had potatoes, sour cream, shredded cheese, and broccoli at home from stocking up our freezer and pantry.  The other thing we like to top them with is chili and ham.  One daughter likes chili.  The other likes ham.  My wife and I like them both.

Since we were out of my homemade chili in the freezer I stopped by the store for a can and to get some ham.  In less than 5 minutes and for under $5 I was in and out and headed home.  Meanwhile, my wife had scrubbed some potatoes, wrapped them in foil, and stuck them in the oven.

Baked Potatoes in Oven

It was the perfect meal for a Friday night.  Simple, filling, and not frozen pizza!  We even had leftovers.

Baked Potato Plated

If you haven’t tried doing a baked potato bar with your family give it a try sometime.  I bet everyone will love it.  Especially since they can dress up their potato just the way they like.

Ever get into a food rut in your family?  What food did you get sick of because you made it too often?

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