Weekly Verse – Open The Eyes Of My Heart

Recently a friend made a comment on Facebook about listening to a new podcast by Rob Bell.  I new the name and was immediately interested.

I was familiar with Rob Bell from the Nooma series of videos that I have seen several times at our Church and in Sunday School. His style of presenting a message always spoke to me.

Eager to try it out and wanting a new podcast to listen to, I immediately downloaded the first episode.  It was the soundtrack for my morning commute the next day.

If you’re a fan of the Nooma videos you will enjoy this podcast.  The presentation style is similar and Bell has a way of breaking things down so they’re easy to understand and make you think.

Episode 3 of “The Robcast” has had me thinking this week.  In it Bell challenges us to “Find the Divine in the daily, the Sacred in the slog, the Holy in the human, and the Christ in the common”.

He also mentions a verse in Ephesians.  One that I was familiar with but wanted to take a closer look at.  I spent a little time comparing the different versions of it and found that I really like how it reads in the Contemporary English Version of the Bible.

Ephesians 1:18 CEV

“My prayer is that light will flood your hearts and that you will understand the hope that was given to you when God chose you. Then you will discover the glorious blessings that will be yours together with all of God’s people.”

This verse and the challenge of finding the “Divine in the daily” has helped get me through a rough week.  It’s comforting really, that when you open your eyes and those of Robyour heart, you’ll see God and his love all around you.

I’ve listened to Episode 3 titled “Receipts” a few times now and plan on listening to future episodes of The Robcast on my Monday morning commute.  I figure it will be a great way to start the week.

If you want to give The Robcast a listen you’ll find it on iTunes, Podbean, or the podcast player of your choice.

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Paying For Peace Of Mind

There are things that I’m probably capable of doing that I prefer to pay someone to do for me.  One of those things would be tax preparation.

I have several friends who tease me for paying to have someone else do my taxes.  I think the joke is on them.  I’m not just paying for someone to do my taxes.  I’m also paying for peace of mind.

You see, I can tend to be a worrier.  It’s one of my flaws that I recognize and am working on.

I could spend hours toiling over the same W2’s and forms my CPA does and probably come up with the same numbers.

Yet, I would still worry wondering if I did everything right!

Instead, we’ve trusted the same person to do our taxes for as long as my wife and I have been married.  He’s made recommendations on how to structure our withholdings… and got us right where we want to be.

After getting a small refund and paying for our tax preparation we have just enough left for a nice family dinner out.  No sense letting the government have our money all year and then getting a big refund.

There are other benefits to paying someone else to do our taxes. First, we’re spending money locally with a small business.  I like that.

Second, I don’t have to spend a ton of time trying to figure it out on my own.  Instead, we keep a file folder throughout the year with all the receipts and paperwork we’ll need.  When it’s time for our appointment we just grab the folder and go.

In less than an hour our taxes are done… and I can sleep easy knowing they were done right.  That’s peace of mind.

Is there something you could probably do yourself but you prefer to pay someone else to do it for you?  What is it?

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World Wide Social Media Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl has something for everyone! For the sports fan there’s the actual game.  For the non-sports person there are the commercials.

If you’re a music fan you’ve got the half-time show.  This year Katy Perry is what my daughters were looking forward to the most.  They gave her half-time performance high marks.

The past few years there’s been another aspect to the Super Bowl. That’s the World Wide Social Media Super Bowl Party.

Facebook and Twitter have made it so it’s like you’re at one huge Super Bowl party with all your friends… and new friends too.

There’s jokes, subtle digs at the opposing team, and immediate reaction to the game and the commercials.

It was obvious right away that the Budweiser and Always commercials were a big hit.  Sorry, Nationwide Insurance, your grim commercial about accidents and childhood deaths wasn’t to well received.

I had a blast seeing what everyone had to say online and adding my thoughts.  It was the perfect party! Great food (because I chose the menu and made it) and no one to block the TV or talk over the commercials.

It’s nights like last night that certainly put the “social” in social media.

Did join in the Social Media Super Bowl Party?

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