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I’ll admit it.  I’m not great at Valentine’s Day.  I’ve tried and failed miserably.  Today I forgot the card… but I did try something new that turned out to be a hit; making homemade chocolate covered strawberries.

I wasn’t sure how they would turn out but I thought, “How hard could it be?”

My oldest is a Pinterest fanatic so I had her do some research.  She found some “how-to’s” and sent them to me.  After seeing them my confidence was bolstered.  It didn’t seem too difficult.

All we needed was some fresh strawberries and some semi-sweet chocolate.  We had the chocolate buy modafinil adelaide.  All we need was the strawberries.

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My youngest and I were “out and about” today and picked some up. On our way home we called my oldest.  She got the chocolate melting.  We have a buy modafinil south africa.

buy modafinil los angeles

Normally, it only gets used at Christmas time for making almond bark pretzels.  It works really well!  I highly recommend it.

The chocolate was melted by the time we got home and washed the berries.  I washed them.  My youngest dried them.  She did a great job because I told her the chocolate wouldn’t stick as well if they were wet.

We took turns dipping berries and putting them on a cookie sheet.

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Unfortunately, we didn’t get them done before my wife got home from work.  That was OK, though.  I think she enjoyed hearing my daughter say, “Look Mom! We’re dipping strawberries in chocolate!”

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buy modafinil uk amazon

We had a fantastic supper prepared 100% by my oldest. (buy modafinil online amazon)  Then, it was time to try the berries.  They were GREAT.   You could tell by our messy faces!

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The best part?  Making them ourselves made a great memory and saved us a ton of money!  A local place was selling 6 chocolate covered strawberries for $9.99. We made 39 of them for less than that.

If you’ve never tried making your own homemade chocolate covered strawberries I highly recommend it!

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?

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Social media continues to evolve… and this week Facebook took the next step in it’s evolution.  They are rolling out a “legacy contact” feature.

What exactly is a legacy contact?  It’s someone you give permission to control your Facebook account in the event of your death.  Yeah, I know.  Not something you really want to think about… but something you probably should.

We all should have wills to direct our wishes upon death.  This is sort of like granting an executor of your digital Facebook will.  In my case, I chose my wife.

It was really easy too!  A couple clicks in account settings and you’re good to go.  I set up mine through the app on my buy modafinil in mexico blog.  You can even have Facebook notify your legacy contact.

So, what do you think?  Is this creepy or necessary? Will you designate a legacy contact?  Who will it be?

If you’re looking for specific instructions on how to set this up check out buy modafinil cheap.