The Cowboy Rides Away

Last night was date night for my wife and I.  It was a fun one too!  We got to see George Strait in concert one final time before he retires from touring.

It was an awesome show and a good example as to why he won ACM Entertainer of the Year a few weeks ago.

George Strait has a unique way of selling a song through his facial expressions and body language.  That’s all that was needed to keep a sold out crowd on their feet and singing along for over 2 hours.

There were no crazy stage antics. No confetti canons. No wardrobe changes.  No pyrotechnics.  Just a man, his band, and over three decades of hits.

I’ll admit when he recently won entertainer of the year I questioned the honor.  Not anymore!  George Strait is a true entertainer.

His show doesn’t need all the extras that are commonplace at most concerts these days.  Other performers may need those things to make their shows more entertaining but George doesn’t need all that.

He came across as a humble man that appreciates his band and the fans.  It was one of the best shows I’ve seen and I’m glad I got the chance to see it before The Cowboy Rides Away.

What’s your favorite George Strait Song?

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