One Song Three Ways

One of the coolest things about music is hearing a song you like in a whole new way.  Perhaps it’s at a concert where the original artist will change it up a bit.

Garth Brooks is famous for this… most notably adding an additional verse to The Thunder Rolls and Friends In Low Places.

It’s also fun to hear a songwriter sing their song that someone else made famous.  There are usually subtle differences in inflection and phrasing.  Sometimes you can even hear a difference in emotion.

As an example, take Chris Stapleton’s song Whiskey and You.  It originally appeared on Tim Mc Graw’s Let It Go album.

It’s a good version but certainly a little more upbeat with less emotion than the stripped down version from Chris Stapleton.

To me, it’s obvious that Stapleton has a greater connection to the song than Mc Graw.  There’s a realness/rawness to his vocal.

Here’s yet another version of the same song.  It’s by Aaron Lewis.

There you go.  One song three ways.

How would you rank them?

My favorite would be Stapleton, followed by Lewis, and coming in last would be Mc Graw’s version.

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