Memory Monday – First Concert

Between full blown, big-time tours and smaller venues it seems like there’s a constant option to get out and see live music.  Options I don’t remember being there as I was growing up.

Tickets for another big country concert coming to Des Moines early next year went on sale last week.  It got me thinking about the first concert I ever attend.


It was Huey Lewis and the News on their Fore tour.  I was 13 or 14 at the time and went with my parents.  My memories from the event are a little “spotty” but there are a few things I remember.

The band was late getting to the venue so the opener played a little longer.  I “think” it was Delbert Mc Clinton.  I remember being impressed by the Tower of Power horns and walking away from the concert with an appreciation for live music.

My second concert was Billy Joel.  I was 16 and remember that show being especially great since we had such fantastic seats.  We were in the 9th row on the floor right in line with Billy’s piano.

How we got those great seats was just as memorable as the show. Some friends and I camped out overnight outside a Younkers Department Store waiting for them to open.

This was back before the internet so your options for getting tickets were either in person at a ticket seller or on the phone.  We were first in line.

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