Career Highlight: Charlie Daniels Interview

I normally don’t get to do many radio interviews with country music stars.  Those usually go to the morning guys or the afternoon team.

It just makes sense.  They’re more high profile.  My job in the middle of the day is more music focused.  Keep the music going and keep people company throughout their workday.

Awhile back, though, I got the opportunity to interview Charlie Daniels,  a country music icon.  His interview availability matched mine so a date and time was set.  I would have 10 minutes to chat with Charlie.

Charlie Daniels Band

The night before the interview I prepared  by listening to one of the Charlie Daniels Band’s live albums while I mowed the yard.  It was a great opportunity to collect my thoughts on what we might talk about.

I knew we’d cover his July 15, 2016 show at the Marion County Fair at the Knoxville Raceway.  After that, I was open to anything.  I jotted down a few notes and waited for the call… which came right on time.

He was a great guy.  Very genuine and easy to talk to.  The 10 minutes went by fast but never once did I feel like he was rushing it or would rather be doing something else.

Towards the end of the interview I shared a personal story about wanting to learn the lyrics to “Devil Went Down To Georgia” as a kid. He laughed and it made me smile.

This week I’ve been playing bits and pieces of that interview during my show but thought I’d share the entire conversation here with you.  Hope you enjoy it!  I know I did… and when I look back on my radio career it’s certainly among the highlights.

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