Album Review – Hero By Maren Morris

Every once in awhile we’ll play a new song on the radio that will catch my ear.  The sound will be just different enough to make it stand out.  That’s how I felt about “My Church” by Maren Morris.

Then I listened to her demo version of “Dear Hate” that she shared on Twitter.  After hearing these two songs I was intrigued by her sound and wanted to hear more so I checked out Hero… her debut studio album.

Maren Morris Hero Album

Before I share my review of the album let me first say that I am probably far from it’s target audience.  I highly doubt the 40ish Dad crowd is who Maren Morris was aiming for when writing and recording this album.

That said, I do think I can objectively share a few thoughts on the album.

I really like “My Church”… the first radio single off Hero.  It’s got an old-school vibe and pays homage to Hank Williams and Johnny Cash.

It’s probably the most country sounding song on the album.  The rest of it Maren flirts with many different genres… including blues and pop.  She shifts effortlessly between them and sounds great doing it.

Some of the albums highlights for me are “Rich” a fun nod to the stereotypical excuses and lines some guys use.

Another fun one is “Drunk Girls Don’t Cry”.

“80s Mercedes” is sure to be an album favorite for a lot of people.

There’s even a love/crush song in “Sugar”.

This album, to me, fills a void that Taylor Swift left when she walked away from country music.  It’s packed with plenty of songs that 14-24 year old girls will relate to and enjoy singing. Which makes sense, since Maren herself is in her mid-twenties.

The sound of Maren Morris and this album reminds me a lot of Kacey Musgraves and Miranda Lambert.  On some of the slower, softer songs I think I can even hear a hint of Nora Jones.

There’s some profanity sprinkled throughout the album but it isn’t gratuitous and seems to fit with the style and mood of the songs it’s in.  No F-bombs… just an occasional s-word or BS.

Overall, I enjoyed this album and I’m fairly confident in saying that my wife and almost 15 year old daughter will love it.  Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

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