Memory Monday – The Coolest Lunch Meat Ever

Growing up sandwiches at our house came with very few choices. The usual suspects were shaved ham and cheese and peanut butter and jelly.  If my Uncles had a successful deer hunting season we might have some deer sausage.

There wasn’t any roast beef, turkey, or egg salad.  Those sandwiches we got at Grandma’s house.  Her house is where I was introduced to what my kid brain thought was “the coolest lunch meat ever”!

I’m talking about ham and cheese loaf.  Perhaps, if I could have read the word “loaf” on the package I might have been skeptical of the product. To the young me those square pieces of meat with cheese plugs throughout were amazing.


Sometimes I’d take the slice of ham and cheese loaf out of the sandwich and poke or suck the cheese out.  One time I even tried to make my own by poking holes in pieces of ham and cheese with a straw.  The results were less than spectacular.

When my daughters were younger I thought I’d introduce them to ham and cheese loaf.  We got a package and made sandwiches while I talked it up.  They weren’t impressed.  I have to say, I wasn’t either.

Add ham and cheese loaf next to Totino’s Party Pizzas on the list of things that I thought were great as a kid… but not as great as an adult.

When you were a kid did you think ham and cheese loaf was the coolest lunch meat ever?  Do you still think it’s cool?
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