Memory Monday – Homecoming Week

It’s Homecoming Week for our school district and my daughters and their classmates are all geared up for a fun week of special events and school pride.  As they were planning for their week, I started thinking about Homecoming Week when I was in school.

One of the favorite things about Homecoming Week were the theme days where you wore a different “costume” to school each day.  There might be a “50’s” day or an “occupation” day but I remember there usually being a “dress up” day which meant a tie for the guys.

Thursday night was Spirit Night were everyone packed into the gym to see who would be crowned Homecoming King and Queen.  My Senior year I didn’t make the Homecoming Court but I did get to announce them and read their bios as they walked onto the gym floor.

To be honest, I probably had more fun doing that than if I had been selected for the court.

After the coronation it was time for the Snake Dance.  Our local fire department had their trucks parked out in front of the school and kids lined up behind them and paraded through town.  Since my Dad was on the fire department I got to ride in the trucks when I was little.

From the Snake Dance the party shifted to the football field for the powder puff game and bonfire.

The Friday afternoon of Homecoming week brought the Wacky Olympics.  It had each class squaring off against each other in crazy games in the gym.

This was one of my favorite parts as an elementary student because we got to get out of school to watch. The event that sticks out in my mind the most was the ice block sit to see who could hold out the longest.

The football game was Friday night and the Homecoming Dance brought Homecoming week to an end on Saturday night.  It was always a busy and fun week.

What do you remember most about Homecoming Week at your school?

A photo by Geoff Scott.

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