Memory Monday – Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween!  Our streets (and my Facebook & Instagram feeds) are filled with pictures of kids all decked out in their Halloween costumes.

There’s been lots of princesses, super heroes, and cartoon characters.  It got me trying to think about Halloween costumes I wore as a kid. Unfortunately, not many come to mind but I do have a few memories.

When I was probably 5 or so my Dad made me a homemade costume. It was of one of the sand people from Star Wars.  It was made out of burlap and was itchy.  I’m not 100% sure but I think it won a prize in the town costume contest.

I don’t remember what character it was but I know one Halloween I had one of those plastic masks with the rubber band on the back that held it to your face.   It might have been Casper the Friendly Ghost but I’m really not sure.

When I was a little older one time I went as an Army guy.

There wasn’t a great final year trick or treating costume for me.  It was just me with a nail through my nose and a little fake blood.

In my early twenties one costume I remember was dressing up like a lumberjack.  It was for a Halloween party my radio station threw at a local bar.  I was one of the hosts.

For my lumberjack costume I had a toy chainsaw, flannel shirt, and hiking boots.  To complete the look I grew a beard.  It was the first time I ever tried growing one and it grew in well.  I’ve had it ever since.

What Halloween costume do you remember most?


Lighted Jack-o-lantern

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