Memory Monday – Diving Boards & Toy Cars

Tonight, as I stepped out of my office into the 90+ degree heat and walked towards my car, I was thinking how nice a little swim would be!  You see, a majority of the first half of my life was spent at the local pool.

Since I could remember my brother and I were pool rats.  We’d show up a few minutes before they opened and would swim until they closed… only leaving for a quick bite for supper.

I went from being a pool patron to being an employee… starting as a substitute lifeguard and working my way to full time lifeguard and eventually head lifeguard.

One of my earliest memories of the pool was jumping off the diving board and then actually diving off it.  The first time for each I was hesitant at first so my Mom added an incentive.  If I jumped (or dove) I’d get a Matchbox car when we got home.

diving board over swimming pool

She kept a handful of cars in a closet and home for occasions when my brother and I needed a little bribing.  It worked too! My brother and I amassed quite the little toy car collection.

We both ended up being good divers and swimmers too!

What did your parents use to bribe you?  What do you use to bribe your kids?

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