Memory Monday – Can Openers

When I cook something enough sometimes my body will go on autopilot making it allowing my mind to wander.  That’s exactly what happened the other morning while making chili.

My chili recipe requires quite a few different canned ingredients. Roughly 10 cans… give or take depending on the sizes I use.  About three cans into opening them all and I started wishing I had an electric can opener like we had when I was a kid.

I’m not sure who got it first… but one of my grandma’s had the same can opener.  It was an under-the-cabinet model with a bottle opener on the front and a bag opener on the side.

My other grandma had a countertop electric can opener.  It had a permanent home on her counter.

I was a big fan of our can opener… and the bag opener on the side once I discovered it was there.  We probably had it a year or two before I figured out what it was and how to use it.Nowadays we just have a manual can opener.  It stores nicely in the utensil drawer freeing up counter space in our small kitchen.  Plus, we don’t have to open many cans because most of them now come with pull off tops.

What kind of can opener did you have growing up?


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