You’re Never Too Old To Learn

The older I get the more I appreciate learning something new.  When you’re a kid it’s a given.  You go to school.  You learn.  You don’t have a choice.  That’s just the way it is.

As an adult what and how much you learn is up to you.  The topic of learning comes up in this quote from Mahatma Gandhi:

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

The first part of that quote is very familiar.  I’ve come across several other quotes and songs related to that theme.  One of my favorites would be Tim McGraw’s song “Live Like You Were Dying”.

The second part of the quote isn’t as familiar to me.

“Learn as if you were to live forever.”

It makes sense.  If you were to live forever life would get pretty boring unless you were learning new things.

The good news for those that want to learn is that it doesn’t have to be expensive.  There are so many low or no cost ways to learn.

There are thousands of free podcasts online covering just about any area of interest you might have.   The current podcasts I’m enjoying are teaching me social media marketing, intentional leadership, and career exploration.

YouTube is another great free resource for learning.  I’ve used YouTube videos to learn about many things including modifying Android phone software and repairing a washing machine.

Books are another great way to learn new things!  If you use your local library it won’t cost you either.  You should also check at your library for any classes they might offer.  Ours has offered classes on health topics, saving money with coupons, and knitting.

Those are just some ways that you can learn new things without spending a lot of money.

Did I miss some?  Let me know.

If you could learn one new thing or skill before the end of the year what would it be?  What’s stopping you?

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