Trying Something New

As I approach the one year anniversary of this blog there is no doubt in my mind that I want to continue blogging. It’s been too much fun! So I paid for another year for the domain name and web hosting. I’ve changed my hosting company because I found their Singapore comparison on Hosting Foundry and realized there were better options for me.

Now, I’m thinking about how to grow and evolve in year number two.

A podcast is already in the works. I have the theme music picked out, show intro and outro written, and a home studio recording set up put together. There are just a few more details to figure out… but I hope to launch the podcast in the first quarter of 2015.

Since the podcast is a ways off… I wanted to to do something quick, easy, and that could have an impact right away. That led me to music and quotes… two things I love.

If you follow the Facebook page for this blog you might have already noticed it. I’ve begun to share a Christian music video and a quote each day. If you haven’t liked the page go ahead and do it now so you don’t miss out!

The right music or quote has been known to lift my spirits. My hope is that each will give you a little mental boost to help get you through the day and maybe put a smile on your face.

Facebook doesn’t show users all posts made by the pages they like so every video or quote might not make it into your newsfeed. Just know that if you’re looking for a little positivity you can click to the page and find it there waiting for you.

That’s just the start of things for this blog in year two! I’m excited for a few of the other ideas I have… and for the ones that haven’t even been thought of yet?

What one music video and quote would you share to brighten someone’s day? Leave a comment and let me know. I just might use them in the future.

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