Life Lessons From Nature

There are little life lessons we can learn everywhere.  You just have to keep your eyes open to them.  My daughters and I witnessed two great examples of such lessons on an afternoon walk this past weekend.

We were killing time between my youngest’s softball games by hanging out at the Pella town square.  It’s a pretty cool place. There’s fountains, big trees, flowers… and squirrels.

We sat on a park bench watching a squirrel collect acorns and bury them.  He was just a few feet from us.  He was focused on the task at hand… obviously preparing for the Winter.  He was working hard and saving.


I consider myself a hard worker but the life lesson that squirrel was reminding me of is the importance of saving.   That’s something I need to do a better job at.

Towards the end of our walk my youngest spied an ant working hard dragging some sort of seed across the sidewalk.  We stopped and got down on our hands and knees to watch it for a minute.


The difference in size between the ant and the seed it was moving struck me.  It wasn’t daunted by the task.  It was pulling something that was at least four times its’ size.

That ant was telling my daughters and me that anyone is capable of accomplishing big things… you just need to put forth the effort.

Have you ever got a life lesson from nature?

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